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สถิติ การ พนัน

The STCWA?was founded in 2001. It seeks more sustainable and liveable communities where people are less dependent upon the car and have better access to travel alternatives. We seek a transport system and land use pattern that facilitates access, protects the environment and promotes community.

To this end we:

  • Develop and advocate policy and action for sustainable transport
  • Promote community awareness
  • Involve people in taking action to make changes
  • Research and lobby on issues of concern
  • Monitor policy and performance of government
  • Network with others, seek support and raise funds.

You will find a range of our posts by browsing our Topics section. If you wish to receive an excellent free news summary please subscribe via the box to the top right.

If you want to be involved, phone the STCWA’s Convenor (Stephen Kovacs) on 0401 249 254.

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